Glass Workshop

The facilities offered by the Glass Workshop rank among the best in teaching institutions throughout the world.

The Workshop includes a fully equipped hot shop with tank furnace, 3 glory holes and 4 annealing kilns. A complete complement of coldworking equipment; extensive facilities for a wide range of wax and mould making process for glass casting and an extensive fleet of kilns covering the range of kiln-formed processes. The workshop also has a sandblasting area and seminar/exhibition room. In addition, there is a purpose-built studio for architectural glass work, and within the Workshop each student is allocated an individual work space.

In addition to Workshop facilities, students can access the resources of other Workshops within the School and University though their Electives.


The Coldshop hosts an array of state of the art equipment including:

  • Spatzier cutting lathes x 3 with
    • Range of tapered spindle
    • Range of stone and sintered diamond wheels
  • Spatzier engraving lathes x 1 with
    • Range of tapered and spindles, stone and sintered diamond wheels
    • Range of Felt wheels
  • Polisher / punty grinder with horse hair wheel and felt wheel attachments and variable speed motor
  • Vertical linisher (belt grinder)
  • 2 x Steinert 36" flat bed grinder, With variable speed motor
  • Suhner Rotomax with
    • Dedicated wet area with 360 degree access
    • Hydraulic adjustable height work table
    • Variable speed adjustment
    • Talm 2:1 right angle attachment
    • 10mm and 12mm flexible shaft
    • Backing plates for diamond pads
  • Suhner wet air angle grinder
  • Pneumatic angle grinder
  • NSK air engravers with
    • 2.35mm and 3mm chucks
    • Dedicated engraving tables
    • Dedicated pressurised warm water feed
    • Ergonomic adjustable stools
  • Diamond saw
    • Accepts 300mm blades
  • Core drill with
    • Range of continuous rim diamond bits 5mm - 32mm
    • Water fed chuck
  • Large sandblaster with
    • Pressure pot
    • Reverse pulse dust collection
    • 1500mm w x 1200 d x 1100 h internal dimensions
    • 5mm tungsten nozzle
  • Large Air compressor that creates 82 L/s or 174 CFM at 7.8 bar (115psi)
  • Large workstations and sinks to accommodate all forms of glass.


The Hot shop is fully equipped with two furnaces, three benches and three glory holes.

  • 350kg Fred Metz designed Tank Furnace
  • Three glassblowing workstations each with
    • Blowing bench
    • Tools bench
    • Marver
    • Dedicated natural gas, oxygen and compressed air
    • Easy access to annealing space and furnaces
    • Rolling yokes
  • The choice of 3 x gloryholes
    • 1 x large 500mm diameter x 1300mm deep
    • 1 x medium 450mm diameter x 1000mm deep
    • 1 x small 400mm diameter x 750mm deep
    • 4 x annealers
  • 2 x Pickup boxes - suitable for graal and colour pickup
  • 1 x pipe warmers
  • Garage
  • Casting marver
  • Casting ladles and gathering balls
  • Sandcasting equipment
  • Steinert blowing pipes and Fred Metz blowing pipes and punties
  • Jim Moore blowing tools
  • Range of 'Blockhead' and Italian style blocks
  • 'Major' sculpting torches
  • Pastorelli, plates and ferros
  • Rollers for trails
  • Lockers with pipe and punty storage

Kiln and mould making

The Glass workshop has a wide range of wax and mould making amenities for glass casting and kiln working and an extensive fleet of kilns.

  • Fusing kilns
    • 2 x large Paragon Pearls fusing kilns, 1200mm x 600mm internal dimensions
    • 6 x small paragon kilns, 610mm wide x 580mm deep x 380mm high, internal dimensions
  • Casting Kilns
    • Large top loading casting kiln 1300mm long x  700mm wide x 700mm high
    • Large Woodrow front loading casting kiln with roll-out kiln car 550 wide x 1200mm long x 800mm high
      inside dimensions
    • Large Woodrow top loading casting kiln, 1100 wide x 650mm long x 600mm high inside dimensions.
    • 3 medium Nabertherm front loading kilns, 600mm wide x 750mm deep x 1000 high internal dimensions
    • 4 small Nabertherm top loading kilns, 480mm wide x 430mm deep x 490mm high, internal dimensions
    • 2 small Woodrow top loading casting kilns, 500mm wide 500mm long x 500mm high inside dimensions
  • Large range of kiln shelves and props available
  • Hydraulic platform trolleys 350kg - 500kg capacity for transporting materials, moulds and objects to and from kilns
  • Large capacity dry vacuum
  • Mould making
    • Portable digital scales x 2
    • Professional variable speed twin gear mixer with attachments
    • Wax melting pots
    • Industrial steamer and dedicated steaming station
    • Mould drying racks
    • Tables with industrial tops
    • Large range of cottles and clamps
    • Retractable hoses with water feed
    • Hydraulic trolleys for moving materials, moulds, equipment and objects
    • Easy access to tools and materials
    • Plasterers' buckets
    • Banding wheels
    • Large capacity dry vacuum

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