School of Art Foyer Gallery Program


Recent paintings and works on paper by Jodie Cunningham that explore the use of colour and pattern, obliquely referencing personal experience, memory and domestic interiors. Stripes and circles become fragments, elements of ornament become iconic characters that play and dance within the painting space. Using formal elements of design Cunningham’s paintings create the illusion of collage and reference modernist hard edge abstraction.


Images and objects produced with the metaphor of “folding” in mind, during an autumnal residency in the ANU School of Art Sculpture Workshop.


Out of Sight presents the work in progress of PhD candidate Matthew Smith. The research explores the action of the uncanny in the built environment, specifically threshold and transitional spaces. This exhibition will coincide with a Work in Progress seminar on 13 May in the Foyer Gallery.


Works that ponder endlessness and influence. Artwork in progress towards a PhD by Meredith Hughes, while in the Textile Workshop
at the ANU School of Art.


This exhibition will showcase paintings created by Shakira Longmore after travelling in Spain as part of the Torres Scholarship for Young Australian Artists. The show will explore ways in which a foreigner interprets and responds to Spanish design, colour, culture, architecture and artistic tradition in an attempt to establish a dialogue with an Australian audience.




opening 6PM Wednesday 31 March
To be opened by
Emeritus Professor David Williams
Chair of the ANU Foundation for the Visual Arts
Humanities and Research Centre

Master carver and sculptor, Peerapong Doungkaew, will exhibit work resulting from his residency in the Sculpture Workshop at the School of Art. He currently lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand. and exhibits nationally and internationally.


Peerapong Dounkaew, Faithful, 2008 Sand stone carving, w. 55 x h. 90 x d.30– w.92 x h.68 x d.30cm.




Partly Cloudy is a group show which invokes a variety of interpretations of one of the most beautiful and fleeting, natural formations - the cloud.




 THE COUNTRY SHOW 21 - 30 October

OPENING: Wednesday 6.00pm 22 October

The Australian icon of the Country Show has a well-loved place in the hearts of many people. A group of Canberra artists celebrate the quirky, the humble and the endearing aspects of this cultural institution.

Join us for the opening event which will includescone, a sausage sizzle, announcement of the cake competition, fairy floss, toffee apples, performances and poetry!

A must for the whole family.



HALF-LIGHT │ Stephanie Haygarth & Nikki Main │29 September - 17 October

OPENING: Wednesday 6.00pm 30 September

When we cast light on a subject, we illuminate it both metaphorically and literally. The work in this exhibition twists this metaphor to look at the ambiguous, hidden, ignored or obscured.


With paint and glass, Stephanie Haygarth and Nikki Main have made work that reflects their interest in particular properties of their respective media as well as with their aesthetic and metaphorical reach. In each work, texture, transparency, grain, line, balance, colour and tone are used to suggest that which is only partly seen, partly understood or partly acknowledged. The interplay of opacity and transparency in the work creates lyrical, organic, layered structures whose actual and illusory depth suggests forms and associations that lie part of the way between the known and the unknown, the material and the immaterial, structure and chaos, darkness and light.



 BEYOND OBJECT │ David Hamilton │15 - 26 September

 OPENING: Wednesday 5.30pm 16 Sept.


It is the sculpture which inhabits the viewer’s space and through physical attributes, such as volume and mass, is able to impart the perceptual comfort of a palpable and physical substance. However the physical fragment has a definite edge, a point where there is a sudden catastrophic cessation of the physical and the beginning of an ambiguity that surrounds the artwork.


The perceived space beyond the fragment is never completely decoded and never fully confirmed. It is an ethereal place where imagined forms and images fall in and out of focus, never fully observed and never totally comprehended. It is a place inhabited by phantoms of image where existence is sensed and difficult to prove.Beyond Object aims to examine and create speculative propositions about the nature of this space.


David Hamilton is a Tasmanian sculptor and was the Head of Sculpture in the Fine Art program, University of Tasmania at Launceston for thirty years. His current work focuses on the temporal, spiritual and conceptual space that surrounds the physicality of the object. David is a Visiting Artist in the Sculpture Workshop.



ANATOMAP │ Julie Monro-Allison │ 8 -12 September

OPENING: Wednesday 5.30pm 9 Sept.

An exhibition of drawings, collage and textiles exploring themes of land, vegetation and the farming of livestock in Australia by Julie Monro-Allison.

JAN BROWN DRAWING PRIZE 25 August - 5 September

Congratulations to this year’s winners

Daniel Vukovljak and Susan Banks


Judge's Statement

In this prize exhibition where the traditionally observational has largely deferred to more open art forms , the function of drawing is worth reconsidering.


In doing this I have selected 2 winners to share the prize :


The first, “page 34” by D. Vukovljakfor its succinct , wordless articulation and  prototyping of image and idea.


The second “Corner piece” by Susan Banks   for its ambitious representation of a personal time and space  as a combination of the physical and the graphic.”


The elegant , precious and desirable works by Shellaine Godbold (15)and Hannah Bath (23) were also close and worthy contenders .


Bruce Reynolds

Visiting Artist, Painting workshop

August 2009




IMAGE: Susan Banks [Painting Workshop], Corner piece, paper, gesso, charcoal, cloth and plastic, 170 x 245 cm

IMAGE: Daniel Vukovljak [Painting Workshop], Page 34, paper, 30 x 21 cm


VISIÒN RICA 18 - 22 August

OPENING EVENT 6pm Wednesday 19 August


Carlos Aragón Gil De La Serna, Counsellor of the Embassy of Spain

Gordon Bull, Head of ANU School of Art

'Rica Visión' literally translates to 'rich vision' and is an exhibition inspired by travels in Spain of both Dionisia Salas-Hammer and Rosalind Lemoh. Both of these artists graduated from the School of Art in 2007 and were awarded prizes from the Embassy of Spain. Dioni was awarded the inaugral ANU school of Art Torres Spanish Travelling Scholarship whilst Rosalind was awarded a research grant in 2008 from the Cultural Cooperation Programme. This exhibition is a culmination of the influences from Spain on these two young artists and is proudly sponsored by the Embassy of Spain and supported by the Australian National University.




Dionisia Salas Hammer, Vectra, 2009, oil, acrylic, enamel, on canvas, 120 x 130 cm

Rozalind Lemoh, Strange Fruit, 2009, concrete and lead, 34 x 10 x 39 cm. Photo: Damien Geary


OPENING EVENT 6.00 pm Wednesday 5 August

An exhibition of Artworks from Public Education Students (pre-school to Year 12).


This year marks the 200th anniversary of Joseph Haydn’s death. The School of Music, in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy, celebrates Haydn with an exhibition devoted to his life, work and times. The exhibition is a project of the Haydn Festival Burgenland, the International Joseph Haydn Foundation Eisenstadt, and the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, and is one of five currently travelling the world in 2009.


CLOSING EVENT 6.30 pm Friday 17 July

This exhibition of Burmese textiles and art in Australia showcases a combination of different art forms, including objects, textiles, paintings and photos of Burma. The display will reflect the dreams,hopes, sufferings and realities of Burmese lives.


PETER FITZPATRICK  │ Je toto lokální, nebo národní zvyk? │ 22 June – 4 July

OPENING 5-7pm Tuesday 23 June


This series Je toto lokální, nebo národní zvyk? was produced during a five-month artist-in-residence program at the Meet Factory in Prague, Czech Republic from November 2007 to April 2008. I was living in the outer suburb of Prague known as Smíchov, a once thriving industrial area that now consists of abandoned factory buildings, crumbling flats and a major transport hub. The transitory people that inhabit this part of Prague are the protagonists in this body of work.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, Arts ACT and the Australian National University Vice-Chancellor’s Travel Grant. 

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