Darryl Myott

Darryl Myott completed a degree in visual art, textiles in 1992 winning the Mitchell, Giurgola and Thorpe Award for excellence in craft and design.

Straight after art school he was employed in the theatre costume industry and a highlight of his career has been working as Head of Wardrobe for the production of “The Lion King” in Australia. Life in the theatre costume field is never boring, demanding textile skills and much more…….. “ Back at the Capitol Theatre, as midnight approaches, Darryl Myott is still furiously working. As head of wardrobe he has 387 costumes to pack. The immediate task at hand is loading a basket of bras into the washing machine. "On the matinee day the girls go through two bras each," he explains, "while some girls need four because they, er, 'glisten' a lot more than others. Altogether that's 29 bras to wash in one day." After that, Myott's next chore is to make sure every trace of make-up is scrubbed off the corsets. Then there are the giraffes to be handwashed, while the cast physiotherapist needs a fresh supply of towels. It's shaping up to be a very long night. But then at Disney, the magic never ends. “

In the wardrobe maintenance room, labels mark the endless containers lining the walls: velcro, fabric off-cuts, sockettes, underwear. Eight shows a week mean head of wardrobe Darryl Myott and his three staff are kept busy repairing damaged costumes. The 16 dressers ensure that cast members don't miss their queues in the Regent's three-level backstage area. "We've actually got one person to stay on stage, and one person to stay underneath to make sure that everyone is changed, because some people are still turning the wrong way," says Myott. "If they don't get on, we're in trouble."

Roar power By Luke Benedictus July 10, 2005
Bachelor of Visual Arts

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