Graduating Exhibition Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) Awards 2010

Kate Vassallo,One hour studio: Plastic ground, 2010
Kate Vassallo,One hour studio: Plastic ground, 2010
Wednesday 15 December 2010


• Rimington Award – Sonja Kalenjuk, Rhys Jones, Christian Maron, Savina Radosavljevic
• Thor’s Hammer Materials Award – Elliot Bastianon
• Turner’s Building Supplies Award – Ed Collett
• The M&G Industrial Supplies Award – Amy Fiveash
• The Australian Wood Review Award – Genevieve Nougher
• The Vesper Tools Award – Andrew Watts
• The Colen Clenten Tools Award – Bernard Benny
• Architecture Media Subscription Award – Jennifer Edmunds

John and Elizabeth Baker Sculpture Scholarship 
The nominated student for this scholarship is:
• Harry Townsend

Hiroe and Cornell Swen Award
•  Anne Langridge

Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award
• Rhys Jones

Embassy of Spain Accésit
• Angela Parragi

Embassy of Spain Torres Travelling Scholarship Department Head of Mission Salvador Maspoch
• Annika Romeyn

The Peter and Lena Karmel Anniversary Prize
• Kate Vassallo


Exhibitions and Residencies

Belconnen Arts Centre exhibition Award 
• Elizabeth Ficken

Ampersand Duck Broadside Residency
• Jonathon Webster
• Helani Laisk

Bega Valley Regional Gallery Exhibition Award
• Harry Townsend

Strathnairn Arts Association Exhibition Award
• Sally Adair
• Stephanie Parker
• Nicholas Woolley

Canberra Grammar School Exhibition Award
• Sally Adair
• Aimee Fitzgerald
Canberra Grammar School Residency Award
• Sam Thow

Canberra Potters Society joint exhibition Award
• Rose Walker
• Henrietta Norris
• Elizabeth de Koke
• Sylvia Marris

Belconnen Gallery Exhibition Award 
• Annika Romeyn

Alliance Française Exhibition Award 
• Hyun-Hee Lee
• Tommy Balogh
• Annika Romeyn
• Melinda Willis
• Elizabeth de Koke

ANCA Exhibition Award 
• Amy McGregor

The Front Gallery Exhibition Award
• Fiona Veikkanen

Craft ACT Crucible Showcase Exhibition 

• Elaine Mary Bradley
• Edward Alexander Collett
• Annabelle Davidson
• Hannah Dalrymple
• Kimberley Dixon

Craft ACT Retail Award
• Hyun-Hee Lee

Canberra Glassworks 
• Mel Willis


Megalo Print Studio Residency• Helani Laisk
• Brendan McDonald
• Annika Romeyn

Canberra Contemporary Art Space Residency and Exhibition 
• Fiona Veikkanen
• Dean Butters
• Jonathon Webster
• Helani Laisk

PhotoAccess Residency and Exhibition Award
• Kate Griffiths
• Natalie Azzopardi

PhotoAccess Exhibition Award
• Samuel Thow
• Kiri Northam
• Margaret McHugh
• Riley Post

M16 Exhibition Award 
• Katherine Griffiths

National Film and Sound Archive Professional Mentorship Award 
• Margaret McHugh

Jas Hugonnet Gallery Award:
• Louise Upshaw


There were a number of patrons who purchased work under the EASS scheme.  The following students have all had their artwork acquired:

Harry Townsend,  Henrietta Norris,  Lisa Twomey,  Beth Peters,  Gabrielle Soulsby,  Allison Chaplin,  Katherine Griffiths,  Louise Coxon,  Kristen Leydon,  Jonathon Webster, Helani Laisk,  Anne Langridge, Angela Parragi, John Carey,  Amy McGregor,  Annika Romeyn,  Ishak Masakor, James Lieutenant and Katy Mutton.



Art Monthly Subscription Award 
• Amy McGregor
• Helani Laisk

Canberra Spinners and Weavers Guild
• Katherine Gray
• Dorothy Kraft


Design Institute of Australia• Katherine Gray
• Jiah Ridley

NAVA Ignition Prize for Professional Practice

The NAVA Ignition Prize consists of NAVA membership, Theory in Practice Series and The Art Censorship Guide
• Dean Butters

Ceramics Art and Perception 

•Sylvia Marris

Ceramics Technical

 •Henrietta Norris

Journal of Australian Ceramics  

•Elaine Bradley


•Elizabeth de Koke

Walker Ceramics 

•Frank Shroedel


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