Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Visual Arts

Step 1: Apply

Bachelor of Visual Art: - Application to BVART

Bachelor of Design: - Application to BDESN

Current ANU students – Transferring between programs

For ANU application timeline, please check Application Timeline - ANU 

Step 2: Interview and portfolio registration

If you have selected the Bachelor of Design (BDESN) or the Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVART) as one of your preferences, or a Flexible Double Degree where you intend to choose BDESN or BVART as one of your degrees, you will need to register directly with the ANU School of Art & Design for an interview and portfolio.

Please submit your portfolio and interview video HERE (or

 If you have a problem creating an Embark account or uploading issues, please contact the Embark Helpdesk in the first instance.

Key dates (Note: the deadlines below are for Interview and portfolio submission only. You will need to check ANU Application Timeline for deadlines of a formal application to ANU in Step 1)

  • Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) applicants for study in Semester 2 2023 (BDESN only) and in 2024
  • Program transfer applicants for study in Semester 2, 2023
  • ANU Direct applicants for study in Semester 2 2023 (BDESN only) and in 2024 
15 May 2023 Deadline for Portfolio and Interview Submission for S2 2023 intake (BDESN only)
15 June 2023 Deadline for Portfolio and Interview Submission for S2 2023 degree transfer (for current ANU students transferring to BDESN only) (Please see Note (4) below)
31 May 2023 Deadline for Portfolio and Interview Submission for early offers round for S1 2024 intake (new applications (year 12 students) for BVART & BDESN)
10 December 2023 Deadline for Portfolio and Interview Submission for S1 2024 intake (new applications for BVART & BDESN)
15 January 2024 Deadline for Portfolio and Interview Submission for S1 2024 degree transfer (for current ANU students only) (Please see Note (4) below)

Notes: (1) - the earlier you submit your portfolio and interview video, the earlier you hear about the outcome of your portfolio and interview; (2) - if you are an international student, please make sure you apply for the program as well as submit your portfolio, interview video and CV well in advance for student visa purpose); (3) - all deadlines are set at 11.59 pm (AEST) of the day, i.e. 31/5/3023 means 11.59pm (AEST) 31 May 2023; (4) - For ANU internal degree transfer applications, if you are transferring between BVART and BDESN, you are still required to submit a portfolio and an inteview video, unless you had been assessed and passed the requirement for both BVART & BDESN at your most recent admission round .

Admission requirements

Admission to all programs is on a competitive basis. Admission requirements for the Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Visual Arts can be viewed on Programs and Courses using the links below.

For further information on how to apply to ANU please visit the ANU website.

Portfolio requirements

The portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate your passion and potential. Where it is not practical to include actual work in the portfolio, photographs or digital images of the work are acceptable.

Applicants are not required to have studied or have experience in the area(s) of their choice. Rather, applicants must demonstrate an aptitude for creativity which will highlight their ability.

Works included in your portfolio and presented at interview do not necessarily need to be finished works - the aim is to tell your story and demonstrate your interests and approaches to art and design.

Please note the following specific requirements:

Bachelor of Design

We welcome diverse works in any medium - physical or digital. Examples include drawing, models/prototypes, websites, magazines, books, animation, video, photography, games, interactive apps, etc. Consider including other documents that demonstrate your interest and ability to think analytically about design (ie. blogs, essays, presentation, posters).

Bachelor of Visual Arts

We welcome diverse works in any medium - physical or digital. Your portfolio could include any of the following: drawings, designs and sketches, physical models, maquettes, 2D work, 3D work, computer graphics, videos, animations, websites, sound works, photographs, documentation of audio-visual or performance work, visual diary, journal and/or blog/social media site.

Interview video

Interview videos will be submitted with the portfolio registration. To create an interview video, you will need to respond to provided interview questions (under File Attachments at the bottom of the page). Videos will not be judged in terms of their production quality but rather the quality of your verbal responses.

Guide to creating interview video

Videos can be recorded using a phone, a laptop or a video camera or any other form of video recording device. Videos do not need to include examples of your work although you may find it useful to have your portfolio handy to refer to. Suggested ways to record your video include: via Zoom with a device that has a video camera; a phone with the camera turned to selfie mode.  Your video will be between 5 and 10 minutes long. Interviewers will stop watching at the 10-minute mark.


The interview panel will have access to the digital portfolio and interview video that you uploaded with your registration. Teaching staff at the School of Art & Design will view your portfolio and interview and make selection recommendations against the rubric criteria listed below:

  • your interest in and engagement with art, design, society and culture
  • the calibre of your portfolio: skills and ideas
  • evidence of ambitious, independent creative practice and thinking
  • your ability to articulate ideas in relation to your own work and interests.

A copy of the ‘Admission Rubric for Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Visual Arts’ and the 'Interview Questions for Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Visual Arts' can be found below (under ‘File attachments’)

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