2024 Visual Art and Design Courses

School of Art & Design studio courses have a limited enrolment capacity. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible to maximise the opportunity of securing a place.

Please note that most 1000-level courses require a permission code to enrol. Later year courses (2000/3000 level) generally have pre-requisites. If you meet pre-requisites, you can enrol yourself in the course in your ISIS account. However, for any reason you cannot enrol yourself in later year courses, you will need to request for a permission code to enrol.

To apply for a permission code for Semester 1 courses, please follow the CASS Permission Code Portal by clicking HERE

Note: the CASS permission code portal is only open for Semester 1 2024. To secure your place in Semester 2 2024 courses you will need to follow the following steps: 

- For 1000-level courses, please email the SoMAD Admin team at admin.somad@anu.edu.au to request for permission code(s).

- For later year courses, please contact course convenor for permission. If approved, your convenor will send their approval to our team for issuing a permission code. 

If a course you have tried to enrol in is full and you would like to be put on the waitlist, please register yourself HERE. If there is an available place (due to drop out or capacity increase), you will be contacted.

The College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) Student Office handles all matters related to the student lifecycle for all students who are currently undertaking a CASS program. For advice about how to complete your studies on time and according to the rules, please contact the CASS Student Office.


Summer Session

  • ARTV2315 Alternative Process in Glass Kiln Forming


Semester 1


1000 level
  • ARTV1020 Drawn from life: Techniques and Perspectives of Observational Drawing (permission code required)
  • ARTV1101 Introduction to Handformed Ceramics (permission code required)
  • ARTV1034 Foundations of Contemporary Arts Practices
  • ARTV1301 Glass Hot Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice (permission code required)
  • ARTV1501 Painting: Introducing Painting (permission code required)
  • ARTV1612 Video Art: Editing & Montage (permission code required)
  • ARTV1614 Post-Digital Photography: Bending the Image (permission code required)
  • ARTV1705 Relief print: Image and text (permission code required)
  • DESN1002 Visual Communication: Design and Production (permission code required)
  • DESN1004 The Past as Prototype: History, Ethics and Concepts for Design in the Twenty-First Century (permission code required)
2000 level
  • ARTV2028 Professional Practice Internship
  • ARTV2120 Ceramic Design for Table and Home
  • ARTV2506 Approaches to Abstraction in Painting
  • ARTV2717 Printmedia and Drawing: The Book as Art
  • ARTV2723 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Screen Printing
  • ARTV2820 Politics of Spaces: Installation, Sculpture and Spatial Practice
  • ARTV2907 Subverting Stitch: Labour, Gender and Image 
  • ARTV2909 The Public Project: engagement strategies for artists, designers, institutions and communities
  • ARTV2921 Environment Studio: field based research and studio practice in visual arts
  • DESN2001 Digital Form and Fabrication
  • DESN2002 Foundations of Creative Code
  • DESN2007 Design Fiction: Speculative and Critical Design
  • DESN2010 Making Creative and Critical Technologies: physical computing for art and design
3000 level
  • ARTV3033 Creative Research Practice: Developing an Independent Work Proposal
  • DESN3010 Design Studio: Independent Practice 



  • DESN4011 Design Research: Theory and Methods
  • ARTV4022 Research Principles and Methods 1



6000 level
8000 level
  • ARTV8041 Methodologies of Contemporary Art Practices

Autumn Session

  • ARTV8030 Writing About Practice Led Research


Winter Session

  • ARTV2708 Printmedia and Drawing: Construct Meaning with Drawing


Semester 2


1000 level
  • ARTV1102 Introduction to Wheelformed Ceramics (permission code required)
  • ARTV1302 Glass Kiln Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice (permission code required)
  • ARTV1502 Painting: Composition & Space (permission code required)
  • ARTV1601 Analogue Photography (permission code required)
  • ARTV1704 Drawing into Print: Screen Printing and Stencils (permission code required)
  • ARTV1803 Supports: Conceptual and Material (permission code required)
  • ARTV1901 Textiles: Plants and Place  (permission code required)
  • DESN1003 Contemporary Design In Context
  • DESN1005 Precise Drawing and Model Making (permission code required)
2000 level
  • ARTV2027 Professional Practice: Economies and Ecologies in the Australian Cultural Sector
  • ARTV2028 Professional Practice Internship
  • ARTV2038 Attelier
  • ARTV2059 Immersive Media
  • ARTV2119 Experimental Ceramics
  • ARTV2507 Painting: Painting in the Photo Digital Age
  • ARTV2508 Painting: Taking Your Own Direction
  • ARTV2607 Advanced Analogue Photography
  • ARTV2707 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Etching and Relief Printing
  • ARTV2810 Politics of Bodies: Sculpture, Figure Modelling, Performance and Choreography
  • ARTV2921 Environment Studio: field based research and studio practice in visual arts, Topic: Balawan: Field Program
  • DESN2004 Autonomous Agents: natural and algorithmic systems in art and design
  • DESN2006 Front-End Web: Crafting Online Experience
  • DESN2008 Design Thinking: Human-Centred Design Methodologies
  • DESN2009 Typography in Context: digital typographic design
  • DESN2015 Supporting Bodies: Now that we’re here, where do we sit?
3000 level
  • ARTV3034 Creative Research Practice: Extending and Consolidating an Independent Work Proposal
  • ARTV3035 Creative Research Practice: Extending and Consolidating an Independent Project
  • DESN3011 Design Studio: Engagement and Collaboration



  • DESN4012 Design Research: Communication and Presentation
  • ARTV4023 Design Research: Communication and Presentation



6000 level
  • ARTV6059 Immersive Media
  • ARTV6601 Analogue Photography
  • ARTV6607 Advanced Analogue Photography
  • ARTV6704 Drawing into Print: Screen Printing and Stencils
  • DESN6006 Front-End Web: Crafting Online Experience
8000 level
  • ARTV8042 Situating Contemporary Art Practices with Independent Research


Spring Session


  • ARTV1202 The Elevated Surface: concepts and joinery for wooden tables (permission code required)


* Third year BVART capstones ARTV3028 and ARTV3033 are now being delivered as a single course, ARTV3033. If you wish to enrol but have prerequisite issues, please fill out a Permission Code Request for ARTV3033

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