Honours students recipients of prestigious scholarships

Thursday 7 September 2023

Every year, various scholarships are awarded to current students at The Australian National University School of Art & Design.

Meet the recipients of prestigious scholarships and learn what it means to them.

Beth O’Sullivan - Recipient of John and Elizabeth Baker Honours Scholarship ($10,000)

Beth O’Sullivan is a Design Honours student at The Australian National University (ANU) School of Art and Design (SoAD), who is looking for an environmental-friendly solution to small-scale coral reef restoration practices which often use concrete.

Beth is working out of the ceramic studio under the expertise and supervision of Roderick Bamford, Head of Ceramics and Art & Design lecturer at the ANU. She also has a degree in science where she majored in ecology and specialised in genetics, and works with coral reef scientist, Dr Jennie Mallela, an honorary supervisor/advisor, who is supporting the work from a scientific and marine ecological perspective.

She is the recipient of the John and Elizabeth Baker Honours Scholarship worth $10,000, which is awarded annually to support a student undertaking Honours in any discipline at the ANU School of Art & Design.

Beth will be using the funds to support and continue her Honours research which includes further tests, development and analysis.

“I feel grateful to have received the scholarship and it has given me confidence that others believe in the project. The funds allow me to do many things including buying digital design software and it gives me the option to explore different testing mechanisms,” Beth said.

Beth got an opportunity to meet John Baker and remembers it as a valuable experience.

“We talked about the project. Initiatives like these are encouraging and supportive for students undertaking research at the design school,” Beth said.

“Design and artistic exploration is where innovation begins”

Lillian Innes Dorman - Recipient of Peter & Lena Karmel Honours Scholarship ($6,000)

Lillian Dorman is pursuing Honours in Visual Arts at the ANU School of Art & Design. Most of her work revolves around the creation of textile sculpture and installation forms.

“I am currently working on an installation in which the viewer is encouraged to explore their sense of touch in contrast with their visual expectations,” Lillian said.

Lillian is the recipient of the Peter & Lena Karmel Honours Scholarship worth $6,000. “The scholarship gives me the space to expand on the idea of the project and explore more options for testing the materials. It’s not just about monetary support but the faith that has been shown in me and my work,” she said.

Sharing her experience at the SoAD, Lillian said that pursuing Honours has helped her focus more directly on her practice and how she’d like to expand it with the guidance of experts in the fields who provide strong support and encourage her to improve in her work.

Niamh Armstrong - Recipient of Kate and Bill Guy Art History and Theory Honours Prize ($3,000)

School of Art & Design Honours student Niamh Armstrong has always had a passion for art. She graduated with an Art History and Visual Arts degree in 2022 and is currently completing an additional Honours year for Art History and Curatorship.

Niamh is currently writing on alternative art spaces across Canberra and Sydney for her project that comes from a community of practice of putting exhibitions in garages and shows on putting on exhibitions in garages and shows in music venues.

“Within the Canberra landscape, we look at big institutions and consider them to be the peak of culture whereas small-scale ad hoc collaborative community-focused projects are equally valuable. That started the idea for my Honours and I want to bring attention to that fact,” Niamh said.

“It’s about how these places foster community and in particular, experimentation and fun as well.”

Niamh is the recipient of the Kate and Bill Guy Art History & Theory Prize which aims to encourage students who excel in the field of Art History and Theory.

“I am grateful to have received the award and it motivates me to pursue my passion even more. The $3000 award amount will be used to cover expenses like travel for my project,” she said.

Written by Neha Attre

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